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As a COMET user, you will have access to our package of customisable training options, designed to provide you with the tools to perform a thorough and robust investigation, establish root causes and identify improvements that prevent repeated failures.

COMET Training Options

Our Courses

Do you want to improve your investigation and analysis skills? This is how you'll do it...

COMET Investigator's Toolkit training Icon

COMET Practitioner

(2 days)
accreditation available
COMET Practitioner is designed for individuals to participate in and lead COMET investigations for a variety of incident types including health, safety, environment, quality and security. This practitioner training focuses learning around the core COMET process of Discover, Analyse & Action.

Using case studies delegates are given the opportunity to apply learning in a practical sense using COMET Root App,Expert Extensions and our unique Human Factors Analysis model.
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COMET Investigators Toolkit

COMET Investigators Toolkit

(2 days)
IOSH accreditation
Focussing on the Discovery phase of COMET, this workshop follows the structured process for conducting an investigation. Modules include building a timeline, gathering relevant incident data, interviewing witnesses and evaluating the effectiveness of control measures and management of change.

This workshop is interactive, engaging and enjoyable and would benefit any individual looking to enhance their skills specifically on data gathering.
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COMET Team Leader training Icon

COMET Team Leader

(1 day)
IOSH accreditation
Designed to equip personnel selected to lead a COMET investigation with the necessary skills, techniques and confidence required to deliver the best possible investigation output.

Individuals who lead medium to serious level investigations on behalf of their organisation whilst coordinating a wider investigation team would benefit from this workshop.

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COMET eLearning training Icon

COMET E-Learning

(4.5 hrs)
The COMET e-Learning course comprises five core learning modules.

These cover the complete investigation process, from Discovery to Analysis and Preventive Actions, as well as Human Factors Analysis and COMET Lite.

Individuals who support investigations would benefit from this training, or for Practitioners as a re-fresher.

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121 Coaching Icon

COMET 1-2-1Coaching

We also offer specific1-2-1 or small group coaching to existing trained Practitioners.

The focus of these short sessions can be tailored to meet their needs, and are designed to give them dedicated support in using COMET effectively and perhaps developing any areas of weakness.

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Do you want to improve your specialist COMET capability? This is how you'll do it...

COMET Train the Trainer Icon

COMET Train The Trainer

(2 days)
Enables organisations to become self-sufficient through accreditation of personnel to become internal COMET trainers.

Selected COMET trainers must be certified Practitioners and have experience in leading COMET investigations.

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COMET Analysis training Icon

COMET Analysis

(1 day)
This analysis workshop focuses on the COMET Analyse phase. Modules include COMET Factor identification, CausalRelationship and Root Cause identification.

Each of COMET’s 5 Root Maps are explored in depth considering Root Cause relationships and adding of relevant evidence.

Individual’s already trained as Practitioners who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in performing root cause analysis on behalf of the organisation would benefit from this training.

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COMET Actions training Icon

COMET Actions

COMET Actions focuses on the final stage of the COMET process. Modules include creating effective, long lastingSMARTER Actions, making best of the Preventive ActionPrompts and the benefits of singular Actions addressing multiple Root Causes.

Individual’s already trained as Practitioners who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in creating and delivering effective Preventive Actions on behalf of the organisation would benefit from this training.

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COMET Advanced Training Icon

COMET Advanced

(1 day)
Focuses on enhancing investigator skills through advanced interviewing and data gathering techniques.

Following the COMET process,COMET Factor and Root Cause identification is explored in depth, including understanding of Causal and Root Cause relationships.

Existing COMET Practitioners looking to advance their capabilities would benefit from this workshop.

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COMET Human Factors training Icon

COMET Human Factors Analysis

(2 days)
This workshop focuses on COMET’s integrated Human Factors Analysis module and process.

For individuals who have completed the COMET Practitioner training and wish to enhance their skills around Human Factors Analysis, this programme will lead through Failure Stage and Performance Influencing Factor (PIFs) identification.

Human FactorsAnalysis is about establishing clarity around human error and how this influences future Root Cause Analysis, for wider organisational benefit.
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COMET Assured training Icon

COMET Assured

(1 day)
This workshop focuses on COMET’s proactive assured module covering audits and inspections.

For individuals who undertake assurance activity on behalf of their organisation and will use COMET Assured to not only complete and audit or inspection, however analyse key findings using the COMET Taxonomy.

Whilst this workshop covers the usage of COMET Assured it can also be blended with administration training.
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Do you want to improve your COMET software skills? This is how you'll do it...

COMET Root App Masterclass training Icon

COMET Root Map Masterclass (Practitioners)

(1 day)
This Root App Fundamentals workshop provides an opportunity for existing trained COMET Practitioners to enhance their skills and confidence in using Root App.

From creating investigation records, to completing the investigation stages and finally closing out to produce the final auto generated report.

This training includes COMET RootApp best practice and guides learners through the process in a structured, easy to follow format.
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COMET Root APp Master class training Icon

COMET Root Map Masterclass (Admins)

(1 day)
Root App Masterclass is designed for internal COMET administrators and enables them to efficiently and effectively manage Root App on behalf of their organisation.

Modules include user onboarding and behaviour, location structure management, tag management, ‘big data’ reporting and other general administration responsibilities.

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