24-7 Incident Investigation Support

If you require immediate support with an ongoing live investigation, contact us 24/7 and we will deploy an experienced investigator(s) to your location or facility.

An early call to us will provide the following benefits:

• Immediate access to a wealth of investigative experience

• Time saved planning and preparing for the investigation

• The guarantee of client confidentiality

• Support if required interfacing with Regulatory bodies

• Less strain on internal capacity and capability

• Improved organisational learning

• An independent assessment and overview

• Root Causes Analysis and preventive action recommendations

• Peace of mind!

Additional Investigation Support Options

Investigation Review Assurance – Remote or on site

There are occasions where organisations may seek external support to review and assure investigations. The COMET team has the necessary skills, experience and resources to perform this role on behalf of our clients at any time:

During an investigation to provide reassurance that it is well structured and on track.

Where an investigation has stalled or is experiencing difficulty in meeting its objectives.

At the conclusion to ensure all root causes have been dealt with by an effective and powerful Preventive Action Programme.

“Monitor, evaluate and quality assure”

Legally Privileged Investigations

In many high profile and sensitive cases, Legal Counsel will initiate a confidential and legally privileged investigation to establish the facts and circumstances. We have a proven track record working as part of the legal team, stringently complying with associated confidentiality requirements.

“Integrity and Confidentiality”

Key Investigation Team Support

Often, an organisation will wish to retain ownership of an investigation but may decide to supplement the team with independent expert support. The COMET  team is able to second the following key investigative resources:

Team leader to ensure the Terms of Reference are met, deadlines are adhered to and the team is well motivated and focused

Investigator to support all disciplines of the investigation data collection including witness interviews

RCA Facilitator
to ensure accurate root causes are identified and addressed with appropriate Preventive Actions

Technical Subject Matter Expert
to inject independent knowledge and assurance

“Support and capacity building”

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