COMET Con will be a free virtual event consisting of 2 sessions daily on Thurs 17th,  Tues 22nd, Thurs 24th and Tues 29th of November. All the session details are below and you can sign up to all or just a selection of the sessions.

Session Agenda

Thursday 17th November
Session 1 - Keynote presentationFix the work and safety will fix itself - 2pm - 3pm GMT

James Pomeroy

The top five COMET findings from incidents globally are squarely focused on worker performance and compliance immediately prior to the incident. However, if we want a step-change in safety and move beyond the performance plateau, we require better thinking and deeper solutions. This starts with looking further back in time as to what is really causing our incidents. James will explore some provocative thinking around the current depth of typical incident causation.

Thursday 17th November
Session 2 - Learning is Murder - 3pm - 4pm GMT

Alan Smith & Steve Holmes

As a former Detective Superintendent Alan Smith dealt with many domestic murders where, with the benefit of hindsight, warning signals of impending violence were missed. Steve Holmes as a former HSE leader similarly managed a number of workplace fatalities where similar pre cursors were missed or overlooked. In sharing some of these experiences Alan and Steve will explore the importance of taking a proactive approach to identifying and eliminating dormant root cause before they become active and cause real harm

Tuesday 22nd November
Session 3 - Using COMET AI to unlock unseen HSE Insight - 2pm - 3pm GMT

Mark Rushton

See the unseen and discover a whole new level of understanding from the vast amounts of H&S data that you have. Find out why you no longer have to trawl through thousands of reports to make even the most basic assumptions, upon which you will often make significant investment and strategy decisions. Through the lens of ‘COMET Signals’ we will demonstrate the ability to both unlock new insights and track the performance of the interventions you make.

Tuesday 22nd November
Session 4 - Better Investigators.  Better Investigations.  The power of PowerBI - 3pm - 4pm GMT

Douglas Leith & Ravi Kumar

Using data mining and visualisation tools, such as Microsoft PowerBI, has opened up a window into quantitative and qualitative views on the quality of incident investigations within the COMET RootApp.  By applying best practice investigation rules, it is now possible to dashboard areas of good practice, as well as areas requiring development. This will ultimately achieve the best investigations possible.

Thursday 24th November
Session 5 - Achieving COMET competence on a daily basis - 2pm - 3pm GMT

Craig Smith

Training is a key part of an organisation’s Learning & Development strategy and likely always will be. Particularly when it comes to the usage of key systems and process, like COMET. However it is also understood that training does not immediately deliver competence. Busy organisations & people need to consider how learning can be delivered to their people, more aligned with ‘what they need, when they need it.’ We  will explore the range of possibilities when it comes to offering quality, flexible, COMET learning.

Thursday 24th November
Session 6 - COMET ‘De Lite!’ Redefining the COMET Lite process - 3pm - 4pm GMT

Martin Dunn

In perhaps the most significant development in recent times, the new COMET lite process is here and will be fully demonstrated by the COMET Team.  Creating carefully researched clear water from the parent process the new tool will enable COMET causation to be established in a truly time efficient manner encouraging repeat use and the consistent capture of all important root causes from minor incidents.

Tuesday 29th November
Session 7 - Interview techniques and data gathering - 2pm - 3pm GMT

Scott Thompson

The COMET philosophy places huge emphasis on the quality of data gathering, as this can have significant impact on the validity of the subsequent analysis. During this session, one of COMETs most senior and experienced investigators will impart unique insight, hint and tips around how to gather the best possible data and carry out successful witness interviews.

Tuesday 29th November
Session 8 - Investigation mindset, and common RCA mistakes - 3pm - 4pm GMT

John Richardson

Are your investigation outputs starting to look repetitive? Are you seeing the same actions being generated again and again? Incident investigation isn't rocket science, but it is a skill that needs to be learned and used regularly. With enough practice, investigators can develop the mindset to ensure they approach investigations open to all possibilities, and gather all of the facts - not just those that confirm what they think happened. And while past investigative experience is key, the right mindset can ensure bias does not creep in. The root cause is down there, you just
need to dive deep!

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