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Reveal and resolve the risks and systemic issues which lead to incidents and under performance


Learn from the past to protect the future

Focusing on learning from past failures through effective investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) helps organisations prevent repeat failure or recurrence by identifying underlying issues, addressing root causes, and implementing corrective actions.

By understanding what went wrong in the past, organisations can proactively mitigate risks and improve overall performance.

COMET Investigates

A unique methodology, training packages and online solution for incident investigation, root cause analysis and prevention.

COMET for incident investigations was the first COMET module that we developed, it was proudly designed by a team who have a combined total of 400 plus years of incident investigation experience. Its deep-rooted heritage has established a new standard in the prevention of failure across various industries.

Organisations who strive for performance improvement across their business apply COMET wherever they want to understand what went wrong, or underperformed, and prevent it from happening again. Unlike traditional root cause analysis methods, COMET ensures rigorous investigation, avoiding uncoordinated or skewed preventive actions.


Investigate every incident, big or small

The challenge companies face without a scalable solution like COMET for incident investigations is the inability to efficiently investigate and analyse incidents of varying severity levels, leading to inconsistent or inadequate responses to incidents.

At COMET, we recognise that not every incident demands a comprehensive investigation. That's why all COMET Investigate licenses come with our intuitive yet simple COMET Lite investigation and RCA tools and methodology, offering a streamlined solution for investigating low-potential risk incidents in approximately 60 minutes.


Empower your Investigations with data-driven insights

Aa a data-driven organisation, we understand the importance of data in conducting thorough incident investigations and improving overall performance. To help with this, we have embedded Power BI directly into our Incident Investigation Module.

This integration allows users to seamlessly access Power BI dashboards, enabling them to perform advanced data analytics, gain deeper insights, and make more informed decisions.

Empowering organisations to address risks in the present

Addressing risks in the present enables organisations to mitigate immediate threats and prevent potential harm to their people, operations, and reputation. Here's how the COMET Incident Management and COMET Assured modules contribute to this:

COMET Manages

Record, Classify, Report, Investigate!
The latest and upgraded version of our incident management software module was designed to solve the main and most common challenges related to incident management.

This module allows organisations to record, classify, report and investigate incidents in real-time, facilitating a proactive approach to risk management. By providing a centralised platform for incident reporting and management, COMET Incident Management ensures that all incidents are promptly documented, investigated, and addressed, helping to prevent immediate harm to the organisation.

What makes COMET’s Incident Management Solution better than the rest?

Configurable Platform: Configure the module to match your organisation's needs and workflows seamlessly.

Mobile-Friendly: Access the platform anytime, anywhere, on any device for convenient incident management.

COMET Lite Access: Access COMET Lite's streamlined investigation and root cause analysis tools to resolve incidents in record time, included with your license.

Advanced Analytics: Utilise Power BI dashboards for actionable insights from incident data.

COMET Assures

Intelligent Audit and Inspection Analysis
At COMET, we understand the importance of addressing present risks effectively to ensure organisational resilience and compliance. That's why our COMET Assured module offers a user-friendly solution to tackle present risks head-on, empowering organisations to proactively manage their assurance activities and drive continuous improvement.

What are the key benefits of COMET Assured?

Integrated Root Cause Analysis: Unlike traditional audit and inspection solutions, COMET Assured seamlessly integrates our unique Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methodologies into the assurance process.

Proactive Risk Management: By diagnosing compliance gaps and potential non-conformities before they escalate into incidents, organisations can take preemptive action to mitigate risks and protect their operations.

Comprehensive Data Analysis: With COMET Assured, organisations have access to comprehensive data analytics capabilities, allowing them to analyse trends, patterns, and root causes across assurance activities.

Streamlined Workflow and Collaboration: COMET Assured streamlines the assurance workflow, providing a structured and user-friendly platform for conducting audits, capturing findings, and tracking corrective actions.

The current business landscape is prone to constant changes that can be caused by various factors such as political conflicts, wars, pandemics, and other events. As a result, companies need to be well-prepared to face any potential risks or disruptions that may arise.

To help companies address these challenges and build a stronger and more resilient supply chain, we have developed the COMET Supply Chain module. This comprehensive solution empowers companies to take proactive measures to mitigate these risks and ensure the smooth operation of their supply chain.

Proactive Risk Management
COMET Supply Chain empowers organisations to take a proactive approach to risk management by enabling them to assess supplier risk factors in advance.

By identifying potential disruptions before they occur, organisations can implement timely mitigation strategies to minimise the impact on their operations and bottom line. This proactive stance helps organisations maintain continuity and resilience in the face of uncertainty.
Real-time Visibility
With COMET Supply Chain, organisations gain real-time visibility into their supply chain operations. This comprehensive view allows them to monitor key metrics and performance indicators, identify emerging risks, and track the movement of goods and materials throughout their supply chain network. By having up-to-date information at their fingertips, organisations can make informed decisions and respond quickly to changing circumstances, such as supply shortages, regulatory changes, or geopolitical events.
Automated Notifications
COMET Supply Chain comes equipped with built-in notification features that keep organisations informed about critical updates and events. Whether it's policy changes, supplier actions, or compliance requirements, automated notifications ensure that key stakeholders are alerted promptly, reducing the risk of oversight or missed deadlines. By staying proactive and responsive, organisations can maintain compliance, address issues promptly, and minimise disruptions to their supply chain operations.
Flexible Platform
Unlike one-size-fits-all supply chain management approaches, COMET Supply Chain offers a configurable solution tailored to the unique needs of each organisation. This flexibility allows users to configure the platform according to their specific requirements, processes, and preferences.

Whether it's defining supplier categorisations, setting up scoring systems, or establishing company policies, COMET Supply Chain provides the tools and flexibility needed to adapt to evolving business needs.

COMET Signals

Intelligent Future Risk Scanning and Alerts

COMET Signals is designed to help organisations proactively tackle future risks by providing real-time insights from structured and unstructured data. With its advanced features and capabilities, COMET Signals offers a unique solution to anticipate and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a resilient and forward-looking approach to risk management.

Turn data into actionable risk intelligence

Organisations, regardless of their level of maturity, collect and store vast amounts of HSE data. However, unlocking the potential of that data is often impossible, leaving leaders with only a limited view of the insights that are hidden within it, such as underlying themes, systemic issues, patterns, trends, leading indicators, root causes, and latent dangers.

What if there was a way to transform that data into actionable insights?

There is a way. COMET Signals.

Real-Time Insights

COMET Signals delivers immediate and actionable insights from both structured and unstructured data, enabling organisations to stay ahead of emerging risks.

Continuous Monitoring

The AI-powered 'Listening' feature continuously scans data at scale, allowing organisations to identify new risk clusters and trends as they emerge.

Proactive Risk Identification

COMET Signals helps prioritise risks and provides recommendations for action, enabling organisations to take proactive measures to prevent future incidents.

Simplified Risk Analysis

With powerful visualisations and built-in hazard tracking, COMET Signals simplifies the complex process of risk analysis, making it easier for organisations to track patterns and trends in their data.

Configurable Solution

Unlike traditional risk management solutions, COMET Signals offers configurable features tailored to the unique needs of each organisation, providing flexibility and adaptability in addressing future risks.

Built specifically to manage your risk cycle from end-to-end

COMET gives you a consistent and structured approach, withintegration to major EHS systems. AI enhancements mine your data for signals to give you real risk intelligence to see the previously unseen.

Reveal and resolve past, present and future risks within your business.

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Explore real-world experiences from our satisfied customers who have harnessed the power of COMET. From streamlined processes to enhanced safety, their stories highlight the impact of our solution.

Helped us reduce first aid cases by 29%

"When we adopted COMET, we were looking for a root cause analysis tool that would help us identify underlying causes before they lead to incidents. Since adopting the tool, COMET has helped us reduce first aid cases by 29% in the last year, contributing to Corning’s best-ever safety record in 2022.

On top of this, the support from the COMET team cannot be underestimated – they are always on-hand to resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend COMET and the STC INSISO team to anyone looking for an audit and investigation tool."

Guillermo Castillo, Global EHS Leader – OCS Division at Corning Inc.
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COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes

"The main value to LR of adopting COMET is the newfound organisational leadership education and enlightenment as to the reasons behind incident types, particularly  those which hurt us most in terms of frequency. A recent example was repeat microsleep incidents affecting our surveyors. COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes and gave the Board sufficient confidence to invest over £2 million in a preventive action programme which is already bearing fruit in terms of this type of incident reduction."

James Pomeroy,
Group Director HSEQ at Lloyds Register
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We’re maximising its value across the business

"Viridor is a relatively recent adopter of the COMET RootApp tool but is already beginning to really reap the rewards of a first class investigation system.
We’re maximising its value across the business through consistency of approach and ensuring we really do get to the root cause of our incidents so we can set the right actions to prevent recurrence.

The STC team has been hugely helpful and supportive in getting this new process implemented."

Richard Robinson,
Head of SHQS at Viridor
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Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit

"Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit. But beyond enabling us to adequately identify root causes, COMET also allows us to track trends using the root cause codes to help address systemic opportunities in our management system."

Bertrand Piredda, Director of HSES Cummins Power Systems
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Feels more like a partnership

"Borr Drilling adopted COMET across the business in 2017/2018 and since then our relationship and trust with the STC INSISO COMET team has grown immensely.

Any issues are quickly resolved or addressed and a feature of the relationship I enjoy most is that it feels more like a partnership than that of a more traditional vendor/client arrangement."

Thomas Sunde, QHSE Director at Borr Drilling
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Positive and encouraging feedback

"STC INSISO recently delivered the 3-day COMET practitioner course to GSK R&D (UK) engineering and safety professionals.

The COMET team created a bespoke course that was well received by GSK R&D with lots of positive and encouraging feedback."

Ray Duffy, EHS Manager - Projects & Engineering at GSK
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