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After an incident, does your organisation truly understand what went wrong and what to put in place in order to prevent it from happening again?

Do you have any of the following challenges?

Incident investigations can be complex and challenging for organisations, often requiring a thorough understanding of the root causes of failures and effective measures to prevent them from happening again. At COMET, we have developed a solution that is designed to help our users tackle these challenges with ease and enhance their investigative capabilities.

Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

Incident Recurrence

Traditional root cause analysis methods like the 5 Whys methodology, among others, only focus on the immediate cause of the incident rather than looking at the bigger picture, often failing to uncover the underlying systemic issues that contribute to repeat failure.
Solution: COMET is an advanced platform that utilises a coded Root Cause Taxonomy and unique Root Maps to conduct a comprehensive root cause analysis. The platform empowers investigators to carefully examine systemic failures and identify targeted preventive actions by identifying root causes across its five unique Root Maps - Communication, Operating Environment, Management, Equipment, and Training. This approach enables organisations to take proactive measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future and enhance their overall safety and efficiency.

Incomplete Investigations

Many investigations suffer from incomplete data collection and analysis, leading to superficial root cause identification.
Solution: COMET provides a unique methodology and structured approach to incident investigations, guiding users through a comprehensive data collection process. The platform's Significant Investigation Data (SID) Grid ensures thorough data organisation, enabling investigators to capture all relevant information accurately.

Lack of Human Factors Analysis

Human error is a significant contributor to many incidents, yet it is often overlooked in root cause analysis. By understanding human error, organisations gain a holistic understanding of incident causation, enabling targeted preventive measures.
Solution: COMET integrates accredited Human Factors Analysis functionality, allowing investigators to assess the role of human factors in incidents. By considering human factors alongside technical and organisational aspects, our software platform ensures a holistic understanding of incident causation, leading to more effective preventive measures.

Additionally, our advanced data analytics dashboards provide further benefits such as:

Targeted Mitigation: Identifying these factors allows organisations to focus on human behavior-related risks and take targeted corrective actions.

Prioritisation: Analysing the distribution of PIFs helps prioritise efforts, addressing the most critical human-related issues.

Gap Analysis: Unanalysed incidents with Human Factor COMET Factors highlight gaps in understanding. Closing these gaps ensures comprehensive incident insights.

Temporal Context: Knowing when Human Factor COMET Factors occur aids in scheduling preventive measures during vulnerable time periods.

Powerful Features

Organisations who strive for performance improvement across their business apply COMET wherever they want to understand what went wrong, or underperformed, and prevent it from happening again. 

A Solution built by investigators for Investigators that want more.

COMET was developed by industry experts who understand incident investigation. Our team has a combined total of 400 PLUS YEARS of incident investigation experience.

More Proactivity: Inbuilt evaluation tools
By identifying failed or missing barriers, this tool guides investigators towards potential incident causation, enabling organisations to proactively address underlying issues and prevent future incidents.
More Precision: Accurately identify causation
Identify COMET Factors which are the errors, shortfalls and failures that directly led to the incident. Break the Chain: Addressing these factors disrupts the cycle of incident recurrence. This enables organisations to identify and address weak links in the investigation process, leading to ongoing improvements and ultimately safer outcomes.
More Efficiency: Effective Preventive Actions
Use action prompts to help create a strong preventive action programme that prevents repeat incidents and makes a lasting difference. This allows organisations to focus on targeted actions and optimise resource allocation.

More Comprehensive Insights

Utilise our built-in data analysis features to uncover trends and patterns.

Enhanced Data Insights with Integrated Power BI
We’ve designed unique dashboards for you in Microsoft Power BI, empowering you to process and analyse your COMET data to get more detailed answers about your incident investigations and drill deeper into the data. These dashboards offer:

INSIGHT - An easy-to-interpret and engaging visual representation of all your COMET data. It quickly reveals patterns and trends, providing valuable context.

INTERACT - The interconnected graphs allow you to select subsets of data, triggering updates in other graphs. This dynamic interaction enhances your understanding.

INTEGRATE - Leveraging the standard Power BI interface, you can further customise dashboards to seamlessly integrate data from other business systems. It’s all about flexibility and efficiency!
Increase safety with data-driven decisions
Each Power BI dashboard is themed and designed to addresses common questions regarding incident data, trends, and quality. For instance, gain answers related to:

Investigations Conducted: Provides an overview of the total number of investigations carried out.

Investigation Timeline: Displays when investigations occurred.

Distribution of Investigations: Illustrates the spread of investigations across different periods.

Top 10 Root Cause Frequencies: Highlights the most frequent root causes.

Root Cause Proportions: Breaks down root causes by type.
Location-Based Investigations: Shows the count of investigations per location.
Measure the quality of your investigations
The Investigation Quality Dashboard helps track timely closure of incidents and assesses the proportions of identified Changes and Barriers to improve investigation thoroughness.

The Investigator Performance Dashboard monitors the consistency of Root Cause selection, investigates timeliness, and evaluates team roles to enhance investigation efficiency and effectiveness. Insights  from these dashboards include:

Timeliness of Closure: Track case closure time, set deadlines, and automate tasks.

Changes Identified: Actively seek improvements during investigations.

Barriers Identified: Investigate obstacles and address them systematically.

Consistent Root Cause Selection: Provide guidelines, standardise documentation, and validate choices.

Timely Completion: Prioritise cases, allocate resources efficiently, and monitor progress.

Role Distribution: Optimise staffing based on workload and skills.
Drive Improvement with Root Cause Insights
We also created a dashboard dedicated to Root Cause Learning data. This dashboard was designed to answer common questions about incident data, trends, and quality, focusing on enhancing investigators' ability to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement. By providing answers to questions such as the percentage of duplicated Preventive Actions, the frequency of repeated actions, and the timing of COMET Factors, investigators can adopt a more proactive approach to:

Eliminate Repeat Failure: Identify recurring issues and implement targeted preventive actions to address root causes effectively.

Foster Continuous Improvement: Analyse trends in Preventive Actions and COMET Factors to refine investigative processes, enhance decision-making, and drive ongoing improvement initiatives.

Integrates with your
Power BI environment

We can provide an API for those who want to ingest data into their own Power BI environments. Get in touch to learn more.

The COMET process is unique.

Driving Improvement with Root Cause Insights
Our COMET Investigate software module is designed to inspire organisations to drive continuous improvement by leveraging our unique 3-phase methodology for investigation, technology, and expertise.  

COMET brings a digital dimension to your incident investigations and root cause analysis. By using COMET, you can capture, track and measure all aspects of an incident investigation.

World class experts, second to none, teaching your investigators how to investigate.

Coded taxonomy and Root Maps guides the investigator to Root Cause and systemic trends.

COMET’s Preventive Action Prompts ensures confident decisions are made to prevent repeat failure.

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At COMET, we understandthat not every incident requires an extensive investigation. That's why we developed COMET Lite - a smart and efficient solution for investigating low-potential risk incidents in approximately 60 minutes.

Explore why COMET Lite is the ideal choice for enhancing your incident investigation workflow.

Efficient Investigation: Investigate and analyse incidents quickly and consistently, without compromising on quality.

Intuitive Platform: In-built guidance is provided along with prompts to guide you through the process.

Avoid Backlogs: Prevent incident backlogs and ensure that no incident goes unaddressed.

Volume Incident Trending: Gain insights into volume incidents to understand trends and patterns.

Simple Process: A straightforward process for investigators to follow, ensuring ease of use without sacrificing investigation quality.

Discover how COMET Lite enhances your incident analysis process with its structured process.


Streamlines incident investigations by providing a structured approach to capture key information.


Coded taxonomy and Root Maps help identify root causes and systemic trends.


Preventive Action Prompts ensure confident decision-making to prevent repeat failures.

Review and analyse the evidence, take appropriate action, and ensure thorough closure to facilitate continuous improvement.

Discover & Analyse:
• Provide a summary of the incident circumstances and utilise the COMET Notepad for key information.
• Select relevant root causes from Root Maps.
• Complete Barrier & Change Evaluation using pre-set options.

Review & Action:
• Address each root cause with at least one Preventive Action.
• Review and amend evidence/reasoning for each root cause.
• Consider SMARTER Actions and in-built Preventive Action Prompts.

Summary & Close:
• Finalise incident data including date, location, tags, etc.
• Complete incident summary, executive summary, and latent issues fields (if relevant).
• Close the investigation.

Take Control of your incident investigations

With COMET, you have the flexibility to choose the level of investigation that best suits the severity of the incident.

You can opt for COMET Investigate for comprehensive analysis of significant incidents, or leverage COMET Lite for efficient handling of low-potential-risk cases.

Here's how each type aligns with incident classification/severity levels:

COMET Investigate:
• SIF (Serious Injury or Fatality)
• PSIF (Potential Serious Injury or Fatality)
• Recordable Incident
• First Aid Incident

• Near Hit with severity N/A

This flexibility ensures that you can effectively manage incidents of varying levels of severity, empowering you to maintain safety and efficiency across your organisation

Two Solutions, One License: COMET Solutions for Every Incident

By providing both COMET Investigate and COMET Lite within the same license at no extra cost, we offer our clients the flexibility to address incidents of varying severity levels, ensuring they can maintain safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness across all aspects of their operations.


Explore the Advantages of COMET

COMET’s Incident Investigation software module improves performance through root cause analysis and learning. Its deep-rooted heritage has established a new standard in the prevention of failure.By delivering organisational assurance through an integrated family of Audit & Investigation tools.

It is all you need, all the time.

Full Visibility
Have a complete overview of incident investigations and corrective and preventative actions across your organisation.

End-to-end Risk Management Capabilities
Upgradable to include ‘full’ COMET and the optional
incident management, audit, supply chain, and
artificial intelligence modules.

No software to install or upgrade

With COMET Investigate, there's no need to worry about installing or upgrading software. As a web-based application, you can access it anytime, anywhere, hassle-free.

Immediate Results

This module can be procured as a standalone solution and quickly configured for immediate and very cost-effective results.

User Friendly Platform

Our intuitive platform was designed by investigators for investigators. Our user friendly interface streamlines investigation and root cause analysis, empowering your team to work efficiently.

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems for a holistic incident management approach.

Software integration is a priority for us because it ensures smooth data flow, eliminates redundancies, and enables our clients to maximise the value of their software investment.

If you are keen to discuss your integration requirements, please  schedule your discovery call. Our tech team would be delighted answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

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How can my organisation purchase COMET's Incident Investigation Software Module?

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Helped us reduce first aid cases by 29%

"When we adopted COMET, we were looking for a root cause analysis tool that would help us identify underlying causes before they lead to incidents. Since adopting the tool, COMET has helped us reduce first aid cases by 29% in the last year, contributing to Corning’s best-ever safety record in 2022.

On top of this, the support from the COMET team cannot be underestimated – they are always on-hand to resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend COMET and the STC INSISO team to anyone looking for an audit and investigation tool."

Guillermo Castillo, Global EHS Leader – OCS Division at Corning Inc.
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COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes

"The main value to LR of adopting COMET is the newfound organisational leadership education and enlightenment as to the reasons behind incident types, particularly  those which hurt us most in terms of frequency. A recent example was repeat microsleep incidents affecting our surveyors. COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes and gave the Board sufficient confidence to invest over £2 million in a preventive action programme which is already bearing fruit in terms of this type of incident reduction."

James Pomeroy,
Group Director HSEQ at Lloyds Register
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We’re maximising its value across the business

"Viridor is a relatively recent adopter of the COMET RootApp tool but is already beginning to really reap the rewards of a first class investigation system.
We’re maximising its value across the business through consistency of approach and ensuring we really do get to the root cause of our incidents so we can set the right actions to prevent recurrence.

The STC team has been hugely helpful and supportive in getting this new process implemented."

Richard Robinson,
Head of SHQS at Viridor
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Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit

"Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit. But beyond enabling us to adequately identify root causes, COMET also allows us to track trends using the root cause codes to help address systemic opportunities in our management system."

Bertrand Piredda, Director of HSES Cummins Power Systems
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Feels more like a partnership

"Borr Drilling adopted COMET across the business in 2017/2018 and since then our relationship and trust with the STC INSISO COMET team has grown immensely.

Any issues are quickly resolved or addressed and a feature of the relationship I enjoy most is that it feels more like a partnership than that of a more traditional vendor/client arrangement."

Thomas Sunde, QHSE Director at Borr Drilling
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Positive and encouraging feedback

"STC INSISO recently delivered the 3-day COMET practitioner course to GSK R&D (UK) engineering and safety professionals.

The COMET team created a bespoke course that was well received by GSK R&D with lots of positive and encouraging feedback."

Ray Duffy, EHS Manager - Projects & Engineering at GSK
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