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Do you have any of the following challenges?

Companies are constantly under pressure to innovate and stay competitive. However, developing software in-house requires a significant investment in terms of time, resources, and expertise. This often raises the question: How can we maintain our focus on growing, reduce costs, and ensure high-quality software development without overstretching our resources?

If you are asking yourself this question, then outsourcing software development might be the perfect solution for your organisation.

Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

Increased Costs and Reduced Efficiency

Hiring in-house talent can be a significant investment and may lead to increased operational expenses. Additionally, building a skilled team of developers, designers, and QA engineers internally can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. As projects become more complex, there may be challenges in adapting resources and maintaining efficiency.

At COMET, we understand the importance of cost efficiency and streamlined processes in software development. Our technology services offer businesses the opportunity to significantly reduce costs without compromising on quality. We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals, including developers, designers, data scientists and QA engineers, ensuring swift project initiation and execution. Our scalable services enable businesses to adapt resources dynamically, allowing for seamless scalability as project requirements evolve.

Distraction from Core Business Activities

When businesses dedicate more time to their internal software development projects rather than focusing on their core activities, it can lead to reduced competitiveness in the market. This shift diverts valuable resources away from primary operations, impacting growth and the ability to stay ahead of competitors. Additionally, internal software development projects may lack the specialised expertise and resources needed to efficiently deliver high-quality solutions, further compromising competitiveness.

The Solution
COMET's technology services empower businesses to direct their focus towards their core business activities, thereby increasing productivity and strengthening their market position. Through partnering with us for software development, companies can harness our specialised expertise, advanced technologies, and dedicated resources to foster innovation and enhance competitiveness, allowing them to concentrate on what matters the most to them.

Our collaborative approach ensures that businesses are continuously updated on their project's progress and are empowered to provide input at every stage. This enables them to stay aligned with their strategic objectives, knowing that we are dedicated to managing their software development projects effectively.

Delays and Slow Time-to-Market

In-house development teams may struggle to adapt to changing project requirements, leading to delays in time-to-market and missed opportunities for business growth. Without the ability to scale resources dynamically, businesses risk being unable to meet project deadlines and market demands effectively. Additionally, internal development processes may lack the agility and efficiency required to deliver software products quickly, resulting in prolonged development cycles and increased time-to-market.

At COMET, we understand the importance of agility and speed-to-market. Our technology services offer businesses the flexibility to scale resources dynamically, ensuring timely delivery of software products and services. By partnering with us, companies can accelerate their time-to-market by leveraging our expertise, resources, and efficient development processes.Our agile methodologies and rapid development cycles enable businesses to move from concept to market-ready product more quickly, allowing them to capitalise on emerging opportunities and achieve their goals.

COMET Transforms

Combining Business Strategy with Technology to Improve your Business Performance

The COMET team are experts in developing and delivering software and services that help businesses in a range of industries, to control risk and assure operations.

With software development deeply ingrained in our DNA. We always start by understanding the business challenge, creating an integrated strategy, incorporating best-in-class UX/UI design elements, and then developing and implementing the software solutions needed to drive your business forward.

We take pride in our successful track record of establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. We understand that each industry and client has unique needs and goals, so we take the time to understand your business challenges in order to find the right solution together.

In order to deliver a fully qualified software development service, we adhere to key principles and processes to guarantee delivery of the highest quality and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into innovative technical solutions through custom software development.

We provide a full spectrum of development services, including core business applications and back-office IT solutions which help give our clients the competitive advantage.

User experience (UX) focuses on the user journey specifically with reference to what they need, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations. User interface (UI) focuses on the basic visual building blocks of the interface to facilitate the necessary user interactions. Essentially, UX is designing and fine-tuning the user experience while UI is implementing the brand identity, combining the two together creates a holistic user experience and allows the customer to visualise the application before it is brought to life.

Investment in effective UI/UX is a fundamental step in the development of any application, if you don’t get this part right, it could have a significant impact on the success of your product.

We take the customer on a journey to understand the conceptual idea first, then we evolve the idea into a UI/UX output using our designers. Flexibility is key at this stage as we create the right visualisation, design the optimum user experience, and build confidence in the final product.

Maximise business process with full integration of SharePoint with all your business systems.Our development team has a strong understanding of all aspects of SharePoint from database to web services, enabling them to produce custom applications specific to your business needs.

Our team of experienced SharePoint professionals can provide support for your SharePoint environment to guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs), from out of the box to complex customised installations, in order to:

• Accelerate shared business processes
• Effectively manage your information assets
• Aid the decision making process by creating a centralised access to information
• Share business information
• Use a single integrated platform to manage you intranet, extranet and internet applications

We don’t just develop software for you.

Software Product Strategy

We also bring our SaaS product experience the table. We can help you plan and evaluate the essential features of your product to accomplish your business goals and eliminate possible oversights.

STC INSISO has developed an innovative niche in the design and production of a wide range of business process solutions and associated training and roll-out.

Build. Test. Monitor. Accelerate.

COMET designs mobile experiences driven by strategy, design and technology.

Mobile applications are transforming the way in which users interact with software services on a daily basis. The right mobile application can become a valuable asset through enhancing the productivity of field-based staff or engaging with new and existing customers.

With the introduction of a mobile application you can run your business from your mobile device. Your customers can the check progress of their orders or your staff can work from anywhere by connecting to your enterprise systems, the possibilities are endless.

As a professional mobile application developer we have developed a core competency in delivering the best mobile user experience for our clients.

Why choose COMET for your Mobile App Development:

Unique Internal Process

We have our own unique process for mobile app development designed to be agile, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and quick adaptation to your needs.

Collaborative Approach

Our team has frequent one-on-one meetings with project managers, guiding every step together.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Our commitment extends beyond the development of your mobile application, we will also provide continuous support and maintenance.

Privacy & Cybersecurity

Your ideas are kept confidential, and we always adhere to the best security practices.

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Is your team's productivity being compromised due to disjointed processes and poor workflows?

We know that fragmented processes and manual workflows compromise the productivity and efficiency of organisations. We can help you automate your repetitive tasks and business processes by streamlining your work, and by working closely with our software development team, using intuitive software solutions and bespoke business applications.

It is important for us to work with you to embed end-to-end digital solutions, which also allows for 3rd party and external interface, meaning you save valuable time.  You also drive transparency, visibility, and enable data insights you never thought possible.  And this results in efficiencies.

Centerpoint ERP

ERP for Operations ExcellenceUnlock operational excellence with Centerpoint ERP, developed by industry, for industry - a collaborative endeavour by STC INSISO and ANSA Data Analytics, born out of a crucial industry need.

This powerful ERP solution is designed for operations teams making the shift from spreadsheets to a unified platform.

From the outset, it includes eight integrated modules: Maintenance, Operations, Asset Management, Logistics, HR, QHSE, CRM, and Purchasing.

Our unique implementation package ensures a swift integration, without hidden costs or modules – everything is included!

Trusted by leading service companies READ Cased Hole and Well-SENSE, Centerpoint is your optimal ERP system for any business involved in the movement of goods, personnel, and equipment.

Our visitor induction app will provide your organisation with a simple to use, web based tool, to allow visits to be managed in a consistent and scalable manner.

Same message...everywhere: A common HSE message to all our visitors to any of our sites, globally.

Local essentials...within global expectations: The ability to make site specific HSE information accessible. place for everyone: Web based app, accessed through a single web address keeps it simple, and keeps data together.

Future proof: Built on an architecture supporting API, allows for interfacing with other current and future visitor data systems.

Already done: Visitors are able to complete 
the necessary induction actions prior to the visit, 
so that everyone can make a visit more productive.
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Empower your business with tailored technology solutions

At COMET, we pride ourselves on being more than just a technology partner – we are your dedicated ally in helping you achieve your business goals through innovative software solutions. Here's why we stand out:

Real-time Transparency
To ensure transparency, we provide all our clients with a real-time issue tracking system. This allows you to track progress, provide feedback, and highlight any issues that need immediate attention based on real-time testing, ensuring that you're always in the loop.

Build Intellectual Property & Value
Our solutions not only meet your current needs but also build intellectual property and value for your business.

Continuous Feedback

We understand that your application is not just a static product – it's a living, evolving entity. That's why we believe in allowing our clients to input and witness the growth of their applications day by day. Through live externally accessible instances, you can see firsthand how your vision is being brought to life.

Tailored Solutions

With our deep awareness of business processes, we're able to tailor our solutions to perfectly fit your specific requirements. Whether you're a dynamic SME or a large enterprise, we're committed to delivering the best solution that enhances productivity, boosts efficiency, and drives business growth.

Achieve Business Growth & Scale

With our comprehensive solutions, you're equipped to scale your operations and achieve sustainable business growth. Our services are designed to empower your organisation to expand seamlessly, adapt to evolving market demands, and seize new opportunities.

At COMET, we are dedicated to building exceptional software solutions that empower our clients to bring their digital dreams to life. Our expertise spans across various sectors, including Asset Integrity, Agricultural Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Beverage Automation, Crisis Management, Digital Twinning, and an extensive range of Engineering applications.

Our applications have been successfully commercialised and utilized by a wide range of clients in the following industries:

Oil & gas, Rail, Construction, Ports & Marine, Agricultural, Waste, Automotive, Engineering, Food & Beverage as well as other software providers.

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Let's turn your vision into digital reality.

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One of the major challenges faced by the Oil and Gas industry is the continuous development and maintenance of an online CMS, whereby the workforce requires to be deemed competent in High-Risk High Hazard Industries.

Find out how we helped our client, Namaka Compliance, with this issue.

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Don’t believe us, check out what our clients say.

Explore real-world experiences from our satisfied customers who have harnessed the power of COMET. From streamlined processes to enhanced safety, their stories highlight the impact of our solution.

Helped us reduce first aid cases by 29%

"When we adopted COMET, we were looking for a root cause analysis tool that would help us identify underlying causes before they lead to incidents. Since adopting the tool, COMET has helped us reduce first aid cases by 29% in the last year, contributing to Corning’s best-ever safety record in 2022.

On top of this, the support from the COMET team cannot be underestimated – they are always on-hand to resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend COMET and the STC INSISO team to anyone looking for an audit and investigation tool."

Guillermo Castillo, Global EHS Leader – OCS Division at Corning Inc.
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COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes

"The main value to LR of adopting COMET is the newfound organisational leadership education and enlightenment as to the reasons behind incident types, particularly  those which hurt us most in terms of frequency. A recent example was repeat microsleep incidents affecting our surveyors. COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes and gave the Board sufficient confidence to invest over £2 million in a preventive action programme which is already bearing fruit in terms of this type of incident reduction."

James Pomeroy,
Group Director HSEQ at Lloyds Register
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We’re maximising its value across the business

"Viridor is a relatively recent adopter of the COMET RootApp tool but is already beginning to really reap the rewards of a first class investigation system.
We’re maximising its value across the business through consistency of approach and ensuring we really do get to the root cause of our incidents so we can set the right actions to prevent recurrence.

The STC team has been hugely helpful and supportive in getting this new process implemented."

Richard Robinson,
Head of SHQS at Viridor
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Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit

"Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit. But beyond enabling us to adequately identify root causes, COMET also allows us to track trends using the root cause codes to help address systemic opportunities in our management system."

Bertrand Piredda, Director of HSES Cummins Power Systems
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Feels more like a partnership

"Borr Drilling adopted COMET across the business in 2017/2018 and since then our relationship and trust with the STC INSISO COMET team has grown immensely.

Any issues are quickly resolved or addressed and a feature of the relationship I enjoy most is that it feels more like a partnership than that of a more traditional vendor/client arrangement."

Thomas Sunde, QHSE Director at Borr Drilling
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Positive and encouraging feedback

"STC INSISO recently delivered the 3-day COMET practitioner course to GSK R&D (UK) engineering and safety professionals.

The COMET team created a bespoke course that was well received by GSK R&D with lots of positive and encouraging feedback."

Ray Duffy, EHS Manager - Projects & Engineering at GSK
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