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The maritime and ports industry faces numerous challenges that significantly impact its operations, competitiveness, and sustainability. Addressing these challenges is key to maintaining a safe, efficient, and innovative environment.

Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

Incidents and Operational Disruptions

Ensuring the safety and security of port workers, facilities, vessels, and cargo is a top priority. Investing in the right solutions is a challenge and often based on assumptions as to what the underlying cause really is. It is frequently unclear whether issues stem from workforce behavior, operational environment layout, or operating procedures.
Solution: COMET investigates...our incident investigation and root cause analysis tools get to the heart of the true underlying causes of safety and security incidents, and guide the creation of actions which target intervention and investment in the right places.Join industry leaders like Lloyd’s Register who have successfully leveraged COMET to improve their incident investigation processes and root cause analysis.

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Labour Issues

Skilled labour shortages can lead to high turnover of personnel and reliance on agency supply to supplement the permanent workforce. This requires rapid and effective onboarding, clear management of competencies, and presents significant challenges to developing a consistent organisational culture.
Solution: COMET Empowers...we diagnose where support is most needed, design the right tools and materials, and deliver the learning to empower your team at the right time, fostering a skilled and cohesive workforce.

Join industry leaders like Peel Ports who have successfully leveraged COMET’s training programmes.

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Missed Digital Opportunities

Adopting new technologies such as automation, digitisation, and IoT can greatly enhance efficiency and competitiveness. However, integrating these technologies into existing operations is often challenging and requires careful planning and execution.
Solution: COMET Transforms… we integrate risk intelligence technology into your operations. Our expert team works with you to develop bespoke, future-proof digital solutions designed to address specific risks within your business and supply chain.

Join industry leaders like Peterson who have successfully leveraged COMET’s technology development services.

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Regulatory and Operational Policy Development

Industry competitiveness, sustainability, and reputation is maintained by having policy and regulations which enhance rather than stifle, therefore knowing where to seek consistency in best practice and where to look for performance improvement is essential.
Solution: COMET Signals…combining industry data into insightful dashboards and AI-driven risk scanning tools allows the industry to pinpoint points of risk and weakness, as well as identify strengths and best practice, so guiding the development of policy, regulation, and investment.

Join industry leaders like Ports Skills and Safety (PSS) who have successfully leveraged COMET to access insight to unseen risk. Learn more about COMET Signals.

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COMET: Your Trusted Partner in Port and Marine Excellence

In the constantly active ports and marine industry, COMET is an excellent partner for ensuring safety and reliability. With a customer-centric approach, COMET offers solutions tailored to address the specific challenges of the maritime and ports industry. From incident investigation and root cause analysis to advanced data analytics and risk management, COMET provides a complete set of tools to streamline operations, improve safety practices, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Transforming challenges into opportunities for success

Enhanced Safety and Security
With COMET, you not only gain access to a wealth of expertise but also benefit from a dedicated team committed to reducing incidents, control risk and assure operations.  


End-to-end risk management: Our suite of tools, powered by advanced technology and industry expertise, is tailored to assist port authorities, marine operators, and service companies in mitigating risks, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Marine Incident Investigation: Our unique incident investigation and root cause analysis tools enable port and marine operators to uncover the true underlying causes of incidents, such as vessel delays, berth congestion, and supply chain disruptions, facilitating the creation of effective preventive measures.
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Real-time Incident Management: Leveraging COMET's incident management capabilities, port and marine companies can proactively mitigate safety risks, prevent accidents, and ensure compliance with maritime regulations, fostering a safe and secure operational environment.
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Streamline Port and Marine Operations
Manage allAudits & Inspections: COMET Assured provides port and marine operators with a comprehensive platform for managing audits and inspections across their operations. By leveraging COMET Assured's advanced analytics capabilities, maritime companies can proactively identify and mitigate operational risks, minimising the likelihood of incidents and disruptions.
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Supply Chain Risk Assessment: By leveraging COMET Supply Chain, port and marine operators can enhance the resilience of their supply chains by proactively identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring continuity of operations even in the face of unforeseen challenges such as adverse weather conditions or geopolitical events.
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Protect the Future of your Operations
AI Data Analytics: COMET Signals harnesses the power of advanced analytics to help port and marine companies anticipate and mitigate potential threats before they escalate into serious incidents. With insights from COMET Signals, maritime organisations can optimise resource allocation by directing maintenance efforts and safety initiatives to areas with the highest risk exposure, maximising the effectiveness of their safety programs.
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COMET Empowers: We can help to build hands-on risk intelligence in your port or marine organisation. Our expert COMET training teams can empower your teams, while also providing additional tailored leadership training, human and organisational performance optimisation services, and specialist incident investigation support services. We can diagnose where our support is most needed and then design and deliver the right tools and learning to empower your team at the right time.
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COMET has partnered with Port Skills & Safety to deliver the innovative BOOST Program

Are you looking to enhance the efficiency and safety of your port operations? Our BOOST program offers advanced Learning and Development programmes to elevate the skills and knowledge of port personnel. HSE Culture Health Checks to identify strenghts and diagnose challenges, COMET Investigate offers tools enhance investigation and RCA capabilities, while COMET Signals provides actionable intelligence through AI-driven analytics.

Explore the Advantages of COMET

By partnering with COMET, ports and marine companies gain the support needed to confidently address industry challenges. This helps protect their operations, workforce, and reputation while driving innovation and achieving excellence at every stage.

It is all you need, all the time.

Risk Insights at Every Stage:
COMET provides in-depth visibility into marine-specific risks and incidents across operations, empowering proactive risk management and mitigation efforts at every stage of port and marine activities.

End-to-end Risk Management Capabilities:
Upgrade any COMET offering to include the full COMET suite, featuring our incident investigation, incident management, audit & inspection, supply chain, and AI data analytics software modules.

No software to install or upgrade

Access COMET's robust risk intelligence tools effortlessly from any location, at any time, without the need for software installation or maintenance. Stay connected and informed, whether you're on-site or in the office.

Flexible Training Programmes

COMET offers flexible training programmes that can be delivered virtually or in person, ensuring that port and marine employees receive the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilise the platform and enhance safety culture.

Configurable Risk Management Solutions

Configure COMET's suite of solutions to align perfectly with your port or marine organisation’s needs. COMET is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflows and processes.

Our Industry Memberships

We are enthusiastic about the sectors we work in and collaborate closely with industry organisations to address critical challenges in their respective fields.We actively participate in industry discussions by frequently exhibiting and speaking at sector events, as well as producing thought-provoking content on the significant issues that impact our clients.

As full members of the Port Skills and Safety (PSS) industry association, we strive to foster excellence and innovation in port safety practices, driving change for a safer, more efficient future.

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Explore real-world experiences from our satisfied customers who have harnessed the power of COMET. From streamlined processes to enhanced safety, their stories highlight the impact of our solution.

Helped us reduce first aid cases by 29%

"When we adopted COMET, we were looking for a root cause analysis tool that would help us identify underlying causes before they lead to incidents. Since adopting the tool, COMET has helped us reduce first aid cases by 29% in the last year, contributing to Corning’s best-ever safety record in 2022.

On top of this, the support from the COMET team cannot be underestimated – they are always on-hand to resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend COMET and the STC INSISO team to anyone looking for an audit and investigation tool."

Guillermo Castillo, Global EHS Leader – OCS Division at Corning Inc.
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COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes

"The main value to LR of adopting COMET is the newfound organisational leadership education and enlightenment as to the reasons behind incident types, particularly  those which hurt us most in terms of frequency. A recent example was repeat microsleep incidents affecting our surveyors. COMET helped us understand the systemic root causes and gave the Board sufficient confidence to invest over £2 million in a preventive action programme which is already bearing fruit in terms of this type of incident reduction."

James Pomeroy,
Group Director HSEQ at Lloyds Register
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We’re maximising its value across the business

"Viridor is a relatively recent adopter of the COMET RootApp tool but is already beginning to really reap the rewards of a first class investigation system.
We’re maximising its value across the business through consistency of approach and ensuring we really do get to the root cause of our incidents so we can set the right actions to prevent recurrence.

The STC team has been hugely helpful and supportive in getting this new process implemented."

Richard Robinson,
Head of SHQS at Viridor
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Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit

"Probably the best root cause analysis process and toolkit. But beyond enabling us to adequately identify root causes, COMET also allows us to track trends using the root cause codes to help address systemic opportunities in our management system."

Bertrand Piredda, Director of HSES Cummins Power Systems
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Feels more like a partnership

"Borr Drilling adopted COMET across the business in 2017/2018 and since then our relationship and trust with the STC INSISO COMET team has grown immensely.

Any issues are quickly resolved or addressed and a feature of the relationship I enjoy most is that it feels more like a partnership than that of a more traditional vendor/client arrangement."

Thomas Sunde, QHSE Director at Borr Drilling
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Positive and encouraging feedback

"STC INSISO recently delivered the 3-day COMET practitioner course to GSK R&D (UK) engineering and safety professionals.

The COMET team created a bespoke course that was well received by GSK R&D with lots of positive and encouraging feedback."

Ray Duffy, EHS Manager - Projects & Engineering at GSK
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