Would you like an independent assessment of your approach to health and safety?  One that can provide immediate improvement actions and inform your H&S strategy for the next 3-5 years.

We are delighted to formally introduce COMET HealthCheck, a service designed to enhance your EHS culture and optimise performance with immediate, actionable insights.

Here at COMET, we love software and the power that great processes and data analytics can bring to an organisation.  Supporting all of this is our domain expertise in health and safety, investigation & RCA, risk management, and assurance. It's our people. We're often called upon to help businesses diagnose the good, the bad, and the indifferent, sometimes because they want to scratch an itch but more often because something undesirable has already happened, and they need our independence and knowledge to help sort it out.

Our track record in delivering COMET HealthChecks has led to a growing demand for this service. These detailed evaluations help businesses understand why there may be a disconnect between how work is supposed to be done and how it is actually being done. By looking at the external influences on safety and operational performance, the supporting processes and procedures, and the systems used to keep people safe, we can diagnose performance blockers and good practices. Giving you immediate access to rich findings and practical recommendations.

A COMET HealthCheck goes way beyond traditional H&S Surveys. The difference is we talk to your people. We get to the nub of why things work well and why sometimes they do not. We do this all confidentially and independently. We also assess the effectiveness of your processes, procedures, and safe systems of work.

Why Choose COMET HealthChecks?

1. Deep Insights:
We go beyond surface-level data, engaging directly with your teams to uncover factors behind performance variability. Our qualitative approach transforms perceptions into actionable context, pinpointing areas for improvement.
2. Confidential and Independent:
Conducted by our independent specialists, COMET HealthChecks maintain complete confidentiality, fostering an environment of trust and openness.
3. Actionable Recommendations:
Each HealthCheck concludes with a detailed, evidence-based report. We don't just identify issues; we provide practical recommendations and a comprehensive debrief to discuss and challenge findings.

The Benefits

- Shared Learning: Uncover successful strategies and leverage them across your organisation to foster a culture of continuous improvement.
- Enhanced Engagement:
Show your commitment to listening and improving by allowing your people to share their insights with independent advisors.
- Addressing Organisational Drift:
Identify and address gaps between intended processes and actual practices to enhance operational efficiency.

Industries We Serve

COMET HealthChecks are versatile and have been successfully implemented in various international locations across various industries, including Ports and Marine, Energy, Construction, Waste Management, Water, Leisure, and more.

Ready to get started?

With COMET HealthCheck, you can immediately start making impactful improvements. If you want to 'see the unseen and hear the unheard', get in touch to talk about what a COMET HealthCheck could do for your organisation. In the meantime, click here to download our brochure.

Written by:
Dr. Douglas Leith
, Chief Creative Officer