Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a ‘hot topic’ for a while now, with recent developments such as Chat GPT and image generators really pushing it to the forefront once again. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you more about our AI and Machine Learning-driven tool, COMET Signals.

What is COMET Signals?

COMET Signals is part of the COMET family, our suite of risk control and assurance software products that utilises AI to scan structured and unstructured HSE data. COMET Signals uniquely identifies insights, including the root cause of industry incidents, using AI and Machine Learning.

History of COMET Signals

COMET Signals was originally developed through a joint venture partnership between Aberdeen-headquartered STC INSISO and London-headquartered Lloyd’s Register, leading advisors to the maritime and offshore industries. The system was trained using STC INSISO’s many years of working in multi-industry incident prevention. Our team has a combined total of over 400 years of experience in incident investigation and root cause learning, enabling COMET Signals to recognise industry-specific terminology and extract valuable conclusions from the natural language in any report.

In a strategic move towards the end of 2022, we acquired the intellectual property and software of COMET Signals for an undisclosed amount. This made STC INSISO the sole owner of the product, allowing us to drive an ambitious product roadmap – including the build of a series of new features and improvements.

COMET Signals and its Impact on Health and Safety

Now that you know more about the history of COMET Signals, let’s explore how the tool can transform your health and safety procedures. One of the key advantages of COMET Signals lies in its ability to analyse vast amounts of data at once, far beyond what the human eye could ever achieve. It's able to scour thousands of data sets at once to uncover insights. This allows for intelligence to be revealed that may have otherwise been missed or taken longer to uncover.  

COMET Signals can unlock the potential of your data and turn it into actionable insights. This tool can benefit you if you have more data than you could ever read, too many data silos and formats, and heavy and slow digital transformation projects.

Applications and Industries

The COMET Signals technology is deployed across organisations, enabling them to manage and analyse all their leading and lagging indicator data. By using one comprehensive platform, you can ensure that the highest HSE standards are being maintained. The tool analyses the natural language in large volumes of HSE data from observations, near misses and incident reports which allows you to identify trends, analyse severity and, perhaps most importantly, predict the presence of latent root causes with the potential to cause future incidents.

Who’s Using COMET Signals?

COMET Signals has been deployed across the rail, construction, manufacturing and energy industries. In the past year, we have onboarded Network Rail, Spirax Sarco, McDermott and a collection of UK Ports via Port Skills and Safety as users of COMET Signals. Furthermore, pilot projects have been conducted with major brands like Coca-Cola in India, Turkey, and France, showcasing the tool's adaptability and potential for widespread use.


COMET Signals stands as a prime example of how AI-driven tools can revolutionise health and safety practices in various industries. By leveraging its advanced AI and Machine Learning capabilities, organisations can uncover crucial insights, predict potential incidents, and ensure the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental compliance. As the demand for sophisticated risk control and assurance solutions continues to grow. COMET Signals is ready to play a significant part in improving safety and preventing incidents worldwide.

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