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McDermott is a premier, fully integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. They are recognised for their innovative methodologies and comprehensive solutions. To standardise and enhance its incident investigation processes on a global scale, McDermott sought an effective tool that would align with its high standards and ambitious growth objectives.

COMET was selected to meet these requirements, integrating seamlessly with McDermott’s existing systems and fostering a culture of safety and excellence.

The full case study offers detailed insights for those interested in understanding the specific challenges faced by McDermott and the innovative solutions implemented.

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The Goals
  • Establish a standardised incident investigation process globally.
  • Address systemic issues to drive significant performance improvements.
  • Ensure consistency and rigour in root cause analysis.
  • Optimise data analytics processes.
The Solution
  • Implement COMET’s comprehensive incident analysis platform. Link to COMET Investigate.
  • Integrate COMET with McDermott’s existing systems for seamless data management.
  • Develop tailored training programs to ensure effective adoption of the new tool.
  • Extract valuable insights buried in several years of less structured HSE data.
The Results
  • Achieved a unified approach to incident investigation across all global operations.
  • Identified and resolved key systemic issues, leading to enhanced performance.
  • Fostered a culture of safety and continuous improvement through effective use of COMET.
  • Leveraged COMET's AI-driven tool to extract valuable insights from extensive HSE data, improving proactive decision-making.
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Everything covered.

We offer various training programs to empower your team in the use of COMET, from e-learning for frontline staff to 1-2-1 coaching for leadership, and from train the trainer courses to COMET masterclasses. We also provide support in the delivery of in-depth, robust incident investigations.

As a COMET user, you will have access to our package of customisable training options, designed to provide you with the tools to perform a thorough and robust investigation, establish root causes and identify improvements that prevent repeated failures.

Do you want to improve your investigation and analysis skills? This is how you'll do it...

COMET Practitioner
(2 days)
ECITB & IOSH accreditation available

COMET Practitioner is designed for individuals to participate in and lead COMET investigations for a variety of incident types including health, safety, environment, quality and security. This practitioner training focuses learning around the core COMET process of Discover, Analyse & Action.

Using case studies delegates are given the opportunity to apply learning in a practical sense using COMET Root App,Expert Extensions and our unique Human Factors Analysis model.
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COMET Investigators Toolkit
(2 days)
IOSH accreditation available

Focussing on the Discovery phase of COMET, this workshop follows the structured process for conducting an investigation. Modules include building a timeline, gathering relevant incident data, interviewing witnesses and evaluating the effectiveness of control measures and management of change.

This workshop is interactive, engaging and enjoyable and would benefit any individual looking to enhance their skills specifically on data gathering.
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COMET Team Leader
(1 day)

IOSH accreditation available

Designed to equip personnel selected to lead a COMET investigation with the necessary skills, techniques and confidence required to deliver the best possible investigation output.

Individuals who lead medium to serious level investigations on behalf of their organisation whilst coordinating a wider investigation team would benefit from this workshop.

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COMET E-Learning
Accessible from anywhere
(4.5 hrs)

The COMET e-Learning course comprises five core learning modules.

These cover the complete investigation process, from Discovery to Analysis and Preventive Actions, as well as Human Factors Analysis and COMET Lite.

Individuals who support investigations would benefit from this training, or for Practitioners as a re-fresher.
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COMET 1-2-1 Coaching
We are always there for you.

We also offer specific 1-2-1 or small group coaching to existing trained Practitioners.

The focus of these short sessions can be tailored to meet their needs, and are designed to give them dedicated support in using COMET effectively and perhaps developing any areas of weakness.

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Did you know we also offer 24-7 Incident Investigation Support?

Sometimes the presence of an independent lead investigator or the specialist expertise of a support investigator can help to provide invaluable back up for your inhouse team.

Our highly experienced investigation support can help ensure you achieve the right outcome first time.

Adapt, Overcome, Succeed.

Learn more about our Business Resilience Toolkit

The Business Resilience Toolkit is a practical set of tools and learning to assist employees within organisations manoeuvre the pressures of additional responsibility, new learning, and diversification.

Delivered onsite and easily transitioned to a Train the Trainer format, our resilience tools are simple at the point of use and designed to get to the heart of the matter giving employees valuable support and advice when its needed most.

• Practical and accessible
• Ever evolving, continuous client-led improvement
• The right blend of people and technology

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