From RAF Leadership to Organisational Excellence

Meet Andy, a former Senior Leadership Instructor with the Royal Air Force, whose expertise has brought invaluable insights to our team. With a remarkable leadership development and safety background, Andy has played a critical role in developing our solution, COMET Resilience.

Andy's journey exemplifies excellence in leadership and organisational preparedness from his impactful role at the RAF Staff College, where he led scenario-based leadership training, to his global influence as a safety leadership and Human Performance consultant.

COMET Resilience: Redefining Organisational Preparedness

COMET Resilience is a forward-thinking investigation and learning philosophy that embraces Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) principles. This solution incorporates forward-thinking methodologies that capture learning opportunities through our distinctive Learning Team toolkit.

HOP is a philosophy based on five key principles; its origins are many and varied based upon research within high reliability and safety-critical industries over many years. Human performance within an organisational setting is the primary concern of HOP.

The physical, psychological, cultural and political environments in which people work are all holistically considered to fully understand why people do the things they do, the way they do them and why that makes sense for them. HOP is not a set of rules, an additional initiative; it is a mindset to be integrated into organisations by considering the reality of work with a new perspective

This philosophy, integral to our COMET Resilience solution, promotes transparency, open communication, and a dedicated commitment to collective learning. By fostering an environment of trust, it motivates and engages participants, accelerating their journey towards excellence.

The true power of COMET Resilience lies in its capacity to prevent incidents and strengthen organisational resilience. Identifying and resolving potential issues at an early stage plays a vital role in enhancing an organisation's safety culture and maintaining a strong foundation.

COMET Resilience motivates and engages participants. It fosters a profound understanding of the gap between the strategic vision crafted by management (work as imagined) and the realities of work on the frontline (work as done).

Andy's legacy and contributions to the development of COMET Resilience underscore our commitment to fostering safer and more effective work environments. Through his dedication, we continue to advance the boundaries of innovation and excellence in organisational preparedness.

Meet Andy at the Safety Expo

Join us at the Safety Expo to meet Andy! Andy will be speaking about the increasingly topical HOP philosophy where human error is a starting point for deeper investigations, not the end.

To have a one-on-one conversation with him, simply head over to the COMET stand or directly email him at

Safety Expo 2023

21st of September, P&J Live

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