In our latest video, Mark Rushton, our CEO, shares insights into the ongoing developments within the COMET suite of products and services. This video shares the diverse aspects of COMET, where innovation meets the challenges associated with addressing incidents in organisations.

An insight into the world of COMET

Wreck-it-Roy and Potential Pete

In this video, Mark introduces us to two very important characters in our world, 'Wreck-it-Roy' and 'Potential Pete.' These characters represent the hidden root causes lurking beneath the surface.

Wreck-it-Roy embodies the active root cause with consequences, while Potential Pete signifies the lurking, dormant root cause. They serve as valuable companions during training sessions, helping us understand all root cause characteristics whether the outcome is a minor incident, right up to a watershed disaster.

Addressing Gaps in Investigation

Mark emphasises the importance of addressing gaps and areas of opportunity in incident investigation. By leveraging insights gained from COMET, organisations can refine their investigative approaches, ensuring a more thorough and effective process.

COMET's Latest Developments

Smart Root Maps

The Smart Root Maps offer a visual representation of different failure types, aiding in understanding the intricacies of incidents. This feature enhances the ability to pinpoint root causes and devise effective preventive measures relevant to what it is you are investigating.

HOP (Human and Organisational Performance)

COMET incorporates Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) principles, emphasising the role of human factors in incidents. This holistic approach ensures a more comprehensive understanding of the incident landscape.


COMET Lite introduces a streamlined version of the COMET Investigate software, making incident investigation quicker and easier for lower-level events without compromising effectiveness. This development caters to organisations with varying levels of complexity in their incident management needs.

Big Data and BI Dashboards

To stay ahead in incident prevention, COMET integrates big data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. These empower organisations with real-time insights and predictive capability, providing actionable knowledge for effective decision-making.

COMET Assured: Shifting Paradigms: From What to Why

COMET Assured is COMET's response to catching Potential Pete, that dormant root cause, that root cause that's lurking in your respective organisations but hasn't caused you any harm yet. We believe that it is crucial to focus on finding both the 'what' and 'why' of any issue before it causes any harm, and COMET Assured has been specifically designed to help you achieve this goal.

For this process to be successful, we've had to consider several factors. We analysed data, existing processes, and the ways in which we execute assurance work in our respective industries and organisations. And doing this without creating lots of extra work has been vital. Big data analytics have shown that, in most cases, only a small percentage of assurance outcomes require attention to make sure that potential risks are further mitigated. This prevents any harm that can be caused by root causes like 'Pete' turning into the consequential 'Roy'.

So, COMET Assured has been built to create the audits, the inspections, the scoring sets, and the assurance work for you. But crucially, when you have findings that give you concern or give you a disproportionate amount of angst, you can take those findings, you can cluster them, and you can take them through a consistent COMET process to not just deliver the 'What', but deliver that elusive 'Why' from which you can start to build preventive, not just corrective actions.

AI Integration and COMET Signals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of most people's daily lives. The same holds true for COMET, where AI is not just a buzzword but a transformative force enhancing your experience. The incorporation of AI within COMET unfolds in two key ways, significantly impacting both the core product and the generation of invaluable insights through our AI led platform COMET Signals.

AI in our Core Product: Transforming Investigation Processes

Safety Management and EHS systems are undergoing a significant transformation, and COMET is at the forefront of this change. Thanks to the innovative use of open AI technology, COMET is making investigation and analysis processes more efficient and accurate than ever before. These enhancements enable our users to easily recreate investigations from incident reports, help with executive summaries, help with investigation details, and even help map out timelines. By shouldering time-intensive tasks, AI empowers users to focus on what’s important, therefore aiding rigorous and proportionate outcomes that don’t take too much time.

COMET Signals: Discovering Insights from Unstructured Data

In today's data-driven world, making sense of the vast amounts of unstructured data available within an organisation can be challenging. Fortunately, we have COMET Signals, an AI-powered solution that generates insights from these complex data sources. COMET Signals evolved as a result of a two-year intensive R&D process with six valued global COMET clients. The HSE themselves, with our partners at Lloyd's Register, to create the first AI Assisted Analytics platform that could deliver root causation.

COMET Signals has been deployed across various industries, including energy, power generation, rail, construction, marine, ports, and more. By utilising AI models built within COMET Signals, the system provides Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) analytics, allowing businesses to make informed decisions to enhance overall safety and efficiency. This highlights the incredible versatility of AI, as it can extract valuable insights from sources beyond the scope of human analysis, ultimately driving innovation and progress in various fields.

COMET Incident Management Module

The final development that Mark talks about in the video is the evolution of the COMET Incident Management module, which will finally take COMET to a place where it offers end-to-end incident management capability. From reporting to classifying to understanding immediate corrective actions through to your investigation process, your root cause analysis, your preventive action creation and tracking. COMET, in Q1 2024, will have the ability to take your process and manage it truly from end to end.

Looking Ahead to 2024: COMET as a Holistic Solution

To wrap up, Mark provides a positive outlook for 2024, presenting COMET as a holistic solution that manages the entire incident investigation process. By combining over 400 years of combined experience in our team with our range of digital solutions, organisations can create a more proactive incident investigation culture, encouraging collaboration, continuous learning, and ultimately enhancing overall safety and performance. Get in touch to learn more.