In the year 2021/2022, 6 million working days were lost due to workplace incidents. Most of these were preventable.

Recognised globally as industry's most progressive and innovative Investigation and RCA solution, COMET entirely differentiates itself from the competition making it the clear and obvious choice for Root Cause Learning and Organisational Improvement.

Looking for a system that gets beyond safety?

COMET has complete application across all incident and failure types including Quality, Environmental, Business, Equipment Reliability and Security.

Where is the confidence that COMET delivers results?

The Investigation prowess that engineered COMET is simply second to none. The collective minds of a team of professional investigators with 400+ years of criminal and industry investigative experience delivers that confidence.

Frustrated by that single root cause mentality?

The COMET philosophy is built on the premise that there is no such thing as a single root cause. It delivers insightful causal patterns and clusters enabling powerful preventive actions and improvement.

Keen to get beyond Human Error as a Root Cause?

COMET is unique in that it has the world’s only fully integrated accredited Human Factor Analysis model to help understand the influencing factors behind error.

Looking for a system that can be applied in the organisation proactively?

COMET is a ground-breaking and unique assurance solution that moves the audit and inspection dial from the what to the why.

Concerned that a greater investigation focus may increase blame and finger-pointing?

COMET subscribes to the Human and Organisational (HOP) philosophy that error is normal and a symptom of a wider issue. Blame is pointless!

Unable to see your Root Cause `Big Picture`?

Most alternative RCA systems in the market are restricted single incident models whereas COMET digests multiple incident data and builds rich root organisational insight that powerfully reveals your emerging systemic issues. Identify and mitigate the 20% Root Causes that deliver 80% of your pain.

Most incidents are minor low consequence so is this not a 'sledgehammer to crack a nut'?

The root causes from minor incidents are equally as important to the organisation as those from more serious events. COMET Lite is an integral component of the system that enables swift and consistent investigation and analysis ensuring maximum organisational learning and improvement opportunity.

Demanding a system that talks to your other systems?

COMET is built with API connectivity at its heart, interfacing seamlessly to enterprise EHS platforms and pushing its data to a uniquely designed set of Power BI dashboards that reveal insights with clarity.

Mindful of a system that delivers value and ROI to the organisation?

COMET is a problem-solving solution that is so diverse it will be in action, working for your business, every day of the year. It’s all you need all the time and if it prevents even a handful of future incidents it will have paid for itself.

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