Representing COMET, our CEO Mark Rushton and I, Steve Holmes, Chief Operating Officer, recently attended the HSE Learning Summit – North America event in Austin, Texas. This event, organised by HSE Global Series, was a fantastic experience filled with important connections. If you have been following our social media channels, you probably noticed that this year we decided to prioritise exhibiting and speaking at events like this. We know they are an important part of our growth and great for creating awareness of our COMET modules for Investigation and RCA, Incident Management, Audit and Inspection, and our Artificial Intelligence solution, COMET Signals.

About the HSE Global Series
The HSE Global Series is a premier event for health, safety, and environmental professionals. It brings together industry leaders, decision-makers, and influencers to share knowledge and best practices. These more intimate events are perfectly suited to COMET’s ambition of helping organisations improve their risk intelligence by better understand their past, present, and future HSEQ risks.

COMET's Participation in Austin, Texas
During the Austin event, we actively participated in exhibiting and hosting a roundtable session. We engaged in meaningful discussions, shared our expertise, and demonstrated how companies can utilise existing health and safety data to drive efficiency, manage risks, and avoid incidents.

Our Roundtable Session Theme: 🔊Listening at Scale: using Artificial Intelligence to unlock untapped potential in H&S information.

Showcasing COMET Modules

Investigation and RCA
Our module for Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is designed to help organisations identify the underlying causes of incidents and implement effective corrective actions. It simplifies the investigation process, ensuring thorough and accurate results.

Incident Management
The Incident Management module helps organisations to efficiently manage the full incident lifecycle. Offering features that collectively provide a comprehensive platform to effectively record, classify, report and investigate any event across any organisation.

Audit and Inspection
Our Audit and Inspection module is the only mainstream web-based system to incorporate RCA, it facilitates the analysis of proactive findings, as well as marrying these up with your reactive data from incident investigations. All in one place…COMET.

COMET Signals - Our AI  Solution
Our AI-driven solution, COMET Signals scans thousands of structured and unstructured records to deliver clear, immediate and essential information that alerts you to create real-time actions designed to prevent failure.

Connecting with Industry Leaders
We had the pleasure of connecting with representatives from leading companies such as Xylem, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Philips, and Colgate-Palmolive. These interactions were invaluable, providing us with insights into their challenges and needs, and how COMET can help address them.

The response to our participation was overwhelmingly positive. We would like to give a big thank you to all those who stopped by our stand, participated in our roundtable, and generally engaged in what we do.

What's next?

Next on our agenda is the HSE Learning Summit – UK South event in Warwick, UK, at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth on June 25th and 26th. 

We will again be hosting a roundtable session on how companies can utilise some simple techniques to get the most from investigations and root cause analysis.

We look forward to seeing you there if you happen to be fortunate enough to get a ticket!

If you're interested in attending the HSE Global Series events or want more information, please reach out to Paul Clark.